Governing Council Members
Sri. A. Rudra Goud Vice Chairman Chairperson
Sri. T. Mahadeva Trustee Member
Sri. D. K. Abdul Nasir Trustee Member
Sri.S.M.Bhajantri Trustee Member
Sri. D. Prasad Assoc. Vice President and Sr. Highway Engineer at India International Infrastructure Engineers Ltd., Bangalore Member
Sri. Venkatappa Educationalist Member
Sri. A. S. Srikanth IAS (Retd), Formerly Principal Secretery to Higher Education Dept., Govt., of Karnataka Member
Prof. Siva Umapathy J C Bose Fellow Professor, Dept., of Inorganic & Physical Chemistry, Indian Institute of Science Member
Dr. Shyam Vasudev Rao Technical Director - Maastricht University Member (Academician / Industrialist)
 T.Govidaraju Principal, KSIT, Bangalore Member (VTU Nominee)
A.Manjunath Principal, SKIT, Bangalore Member (VTU Nominee)


Professor and HOD of Department of Mechanical Engg. Member


Professor and HOD of Department of Physics Member

Dr. A.V Seetha Girisha M.Tech, Ph.D

Principal, Nandi Institute of Technology and Management Sciences Principal - Member Secretary


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